Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Join our Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at The Path Yoga Centre with Nevah & Swan. This training provides a solid foundation of practice, its principles, physiology & therapeutic approach. For yoga teachers, movement practitioners, body-workers and practitioners of personal practice. Next course: Sep 29,30,Oct 1 & Oct 6,7,8 2017. Register now.


The Path Yoga Centre

The Path is a sangha devoted to deep inquiry into body, mind and heart. Check out our comprehensive practice schedule including Active Practice, Meditation, Restorative, Immersion Retreats, Workshops & Trainings.


Private Sessions with Nevah

Combining many modalities, Nevah incorporates Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Restorative Yoga and Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy Techniques – meeting each client’s needs and intention. Book a private session with Nevah. Located at #14 3615 West 19th Ave.



The BioMat is a state-of-the-art medical device that delivers Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions and Amethyst Crystal Properties which penetrate deep into the core of the body offering vast therapeutic benefits, supporting overall health and well-being. Demo Mats available – contact us for details.



  • Nevah’s style of teaching begins with classic postures and props that are then explored and adapted to accommodate and bring ease to unique bodies and circumstances. And she shows, brilliantly, by example, how to use language as a sort of meta prop to facilitate this, as well as to take with you into the entirety of your life.”

    April Poppe

  • Nevah’s level of perception into an individual’s restorative needs and profound ability to dist-
    inguish tension vs. repose in a person’s body positioning, is truly astounding, and continues to inspire me to this day. It has been a great privilege to be taught by such a humble master in her field. Nevah is the example of being able to teach your practice and at the same time, practice what you teach, in everything you do.”

    William Cooke

  • I’ve yet to meet anyone with the same level of both commitment and dedication that Nevah shows towards her work and her vision. Her integrity, energy, intelligence and ambition set her in a class of her own.”

    Theresa Pedersen, Formerly with Sustainable Energy Technologies

  • Well thought out and planned, yet also open to the flow of questions and discussions…
    Your style is sincere, open and expansive— completely honest to who you are. I loved it.”


  • Thanks so much, Nevah, for your openness to share your obvious passion! You are original, genuine and so totally inspiring.”

    Michelle Davies

  • Thank you for imparting so much knowledge
    & for doing it in such a gentle, articulate and inclusive manner… you have been a major catalyst in many people’s transformations”

    Emily Duncan

  • Everything in the course was completely clear, structured and yet flowed freely with fascinating discussions developing during and after class. This course is a revelation.”


  • One of Nevah’s greatest gifts is her ability to see the inherent talent of everyone and to guide them to their potential. She is exceptional at seeing the bigger picture and is a true leader.”

    Meghan Aris, Yoga/Pilates Teacher



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